Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide the children in our care with the highest quality of developmental and educational programs in a fun-loving Christian, nurturing, safe, and supportive environment while facilitating their spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth and development. Through the living example and care provided by our staff, children will experience God’s love, learn respect for others and self, and see Christian values portrayed daily while preparing academically for school.


Little Lambs Learning Center’s philosophy is grounded in the development of the whole child.
Learning in not only based on natural, intellectual capabilities, but on how well a child feels about him or herself. The basic goals and objectives of Little Lambs Learning Center are to help young children: 
  • learn about themselves
  • learn about their feelings
  • learn to communicate
  • learn to manipulate their environments
  • learn about others and
  • learn to acquire thinking skills.
Our program and curriculum will facilitate the maximum intellectual, spiritual, physical, social and emotional growth of each child. We strive to understand a child’s basic needs in both learning and interpersonal relationships. We encourage independence and cooperation through activities and promote sharing, respect of self, respect of others, self-help skills, and care of the environment. We display a genuine love for young children and respect each child’s personality and capabilities. The physical safety of each child is of the utmost concern.
Little Lambs preschool programs are all child-centered and developmentally appropriate. Our curriculum and lesson planning promote both large and small group activities, and one-to-one interaction. Our classrooms are arranged into learning and play centers that offer an opportunity for dramatic play and creative expression, building and construction materials, books and reading opportunities, language opportunities, experimentation in science and math, puzzles, and other small manipulatives.
Little Lambs’ curriculum is based on monthly units of study including letters and numbers, seasons, holidays, colors and shapes, nursery rhymes, animals, the 5 senses, reading and other categories that are relevant to the specific age group. Each week’s theme covers topics of interest relevant to the unit.
Our philosophy includes our desire to be involved in the daily routines of each of the children and to listen, answer questions, address concerns, and to offer advice when needed.